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Here at , we firmly believe in the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology; as a point of truth in our trust starved world.

It's why we built the infrastructure to secure every purchase made on with the best cryptocurrency technology available today.

Currently, has selected for our method of minting purchase receipt tokens through Ethereum, using their ERC-721 "non-fungible" token...

Ethereum has proven and robust solutions for our modern world; but it also has some shortcomings, especially regarding transactions fees and speed.

Pokemon Card Collectors are essentially collecting modern Pop-Art and since not every card is worth a great deal, having fees that could one day amount to a great deal doesn't make sense for our collectors and ultimately won't make sense for us.

With that in mind, we've been researching how developing with Cardano could be a long term solution to our collector community; and as such, we're launching our very own Cardano Stake Pool.

Starting Today, August 30th, 2020:

The [POKE] Cardano Stake Pool Launches!


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Total Stake:

Last Reward Epoch:

% Stake Fee:

Shared Pool Fee:


Blocks Lifetime:

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