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Here at , like many of you, we grew up obsessed with the Pokemon trading card game:

Collecting Pokemon cards, battling, sharing and trading cards with our friends; Gotta Catch Em' All!

Since then, Pokemon cards have really become an extremely valuable collectable.

While we're extremely pleased and inspired that so many people regard Pokemon cards so highly, as we do, after all these years:

Deep down we believe the investment value of Pokemon cards has robbed collectors of key features that used to make collecting Pokemon cards SO LIGHTHEARTED, FUN & SOCIAL...

It is for this reason that the team at have dedicated ourselves to building the infrastructure to safely socialize every card purchased on, without giving up or risking your collection's investment value.

Soon, every account will gain access to several interactive features aimed at bringing our community what we consider the peak Pokemon card collector experience:

Safe, secure, sociable, available anywhere you are and modernized to preserve your collection for ~1000 years!

We're bringing nostalgia to the Future!

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 Scheduled for October 2020